Drop N Sync
Best way to upload and download photos from and to Facebook

Drop N Sync Tutorial

Drop N Sync

1. Connect to Facebook
The first step after installing Drop N Sync is to connect it to your Facebook user. Without the connection, Drop N Sync will not be able to download or upload images from and to Facebook.

2. Set the albums you wish to sync
Now that you are connected to Facebook, you need to choose which albums to download and sync with your Facebook account. You can choose between downloading all your albums and photos, no albums at all or just select the relevant albums for you.

3. Set additional options
With Drop N Sync you can also download your tagged photos from your friends' albums. It is also recommended that you will run Drop N Sync on strat-up in order to always be up to date with all your photos.

4. Upload Images and albums to Facebook
Once you are connected to Facebook, Drop N Sync will automatically download your albums to your computer. If you want to upload new albums or photos, go to your Drop N Sync folder by clicking on the Facebook icon in your system tray, or click on the Drop N Sync icon on your desktop.
In the Drop N Sync folder, create a new directory or copy a directory full of phtos. The name of the directory will be the album name on Facebook. The album settings screen will open automatically once a new directory is created.

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